Transmuting past memories through emotional alchemy

We are used to live in a linear time where the past influences the present which in turn influences the future. 

However quantum physics has proven for many decades that linear time does not exists. Even though it may be beyond our comprehension, everything is happening simultaneously in this now moment.


In non linear time, the future can influence the present and the present can influence the past so time evolves in all directions.


Stemming from this principle, we can use retrocausality to change a negative emotion linked to a past event by rewriting the script. Combining this method with a Quantum Hypnosis session can bring life changing outcomes.

I will guide you through visualization and emotional alchemy to transmute how you felt at the time of the event. Once the harmonization of the past memory will have occurred, the positive effects will be felt in in the present.


My goal is to give you the keys to this wonderful method so that after one or two sessions you can continue to practice it completely on your own and transmute your emotions moving forward.