Beyond Quantum Hypnosis or BQH is a modern regressive hypnosis based on Dolores Cannon's QHHT method.

Dolores Cannon created the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT after working with thousands of clients over four decades. Her exploration with past life regression began in the late 1960's and she started teaching QHHT in 2002.


The method I practice, Beyond Quantum Healing is a modern take on QHHT. It is essentially the same but more flexible as it is possible to have online sessions and to combine it with other healing modalities 

for best results. It was created by Candace Craw-Goldman who was Dolores Cannon's assistant for many years.

BQH enables to connect with your Higher Self which is the non physical part of you that is connected directly to Source and the collective consciousness. 

Every session is completely different and everyone will receive what they need. The effects cannot be predicted but you may experience the following:


  • Connect to past lives

  • Eliminate fears and phobias

  • Heal emotional traumas

  • Communicate with loved ones

  • Heal patterns inherited from ancestors

  • Receive activations of your gifts

  • Cut toxic connections

  • Communicate with your guides

  • Heal physical ailments

  • Break codependency patterns


You will also be able to receive answers to your most pressing questions regarding relationships, health matters, career, life mission and spiritual connections.