Jenna was born on  Île de la Cité, a small island in the heart of Paris, only a few steps from Notre Dame. She has always felt that she is a citizen of the World and has been fortunate to live in Algeria, Paris, London, Montreal, New York, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. 

For 14 years, she worked in film/tv production. She enjoyed it very much and still aspires to directs documentaries and features films to share positive messages especially about the environment, education, healing and expanding consciousness.

After discovering the bliss of Lomi Lomi massage while on vacation in Hawaii, Jenna decided to train as a massage therapist. She first studied at a Massage College in California and went back to Maui to learn Lomi Lomi and Ho’oponopono in 2014. 

The Hawaiian culture had a profound effect in her life and since 2015, she has been consciously clearing her negative thoughts, words and actions towards herself and others to fully experience alignment on a daily basis. This process along with active compassion and forgiveness as well as other processes had a magical impacts on her well being to the point that she has been experiencing profound inner peace ever since. Thanks to this process she is able to guide her clients  with unconditional love.

Jenna enjoys working with children very much and she teaches at Living School kindergarten and elementary since September 2018. The pedagogy of this innovative bilingual school is based on eco-citizenship and "savoir-être" which translates as how to be. In the near future, she would like to offer workshops for children to share Hawaiian wisdom and learning to trust your intuition.